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Prof Peter Ho

Vice Provost (Undergraduate Studies & Technology-Enhanced Learning )

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Professor Peter Ho is Vice Provost (Undergraduate Studies & Technology-Enhanced Learning) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is also a Professor at the Department of Physics in the Faculty of Science. He was previously Deputy Dean of the School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (2020), Deputy Dean (2017─2020) and Vice-Dean (Research) (2014─2017) of the Faculty of Science, and Dean’s Chair (2012─2015).

Prof Ho graduated with a BSc (Hons Class 1) in Materials Science from NUS in 1996, and received a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge in 2000. He was subsequently appointed Junior Research Fellow of St John’s College, a college of the University of Cambridge, and a visiting scientist to Bells Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey. Prof Ho returned to NUS in 2005 as Assistant Professor at the Department of Materials Science. Together with colleagues Prof Lay-Lay Chua and Dr Rui-Qi Png, he set up the Organic Nano Device Laboratory to develop the science and technology of polymer organic electronics, including light-emitting diodes, solar cells and transistors. Research from this laboratory is widely recognised today for several breakthroughs, including: universal n-type conduction (Nature, 2005), printable nano-metal inks (Nature Materials, 2007), semiconductor-grade photocrosslinkers (Nature Materials, 2010), broadband nonlinear-optical-limiting films (with Defence Science Organisation, in Nature Photonics, 2011), morphology-stabilised organic solar cells (Nature Communications, 2012), graphene soft-transfer method (Nature Nanotechnology, 2013), ultrahigh and ultralow workfunction materials (Nature, 2016), Madelung-potential control of workfunction (Nature Communications, 2016), Ohmic contact transition (Nature Communications, 2018), and universal anion donors (Nature, 2019).

Prof Ho has published more than 80 original research articles in international journals, and invented over 20 patent families, a number of which were licensed to industry. He has received several prizes, including the Barton Prize in Applied Physics, University of Cambridge, U.K (2000) and the Young Scientist Award, Singapore National Academy of Sciences, Singapore (2005). He was named Top Outstanding Young Person (Academic Leadership) by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Singapore in 2009.