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New NUS spin-off company to develop novel electrocardiogram chip

18 January 2011

NUS INVENTION: Novel electrocardiogram chip

FOUNDERS OF CLEARBRIDGE VITALSIGNS: Prof Lian Yong (left) and Mr Johnson Chen
Clearbridge VitalSigns, a new NUS spin-off company, will develop and commercialise an NUS invention - a novel, ultra-low powered electrocardiogram (ECG) chip. With this new chip, Clearbridge VitalSigns is set to enter the US$ 8 billion global patient monitoring market.

The ECG chip can be developed into an extremely thin, self-adhesive "Digital ECG Plaster" that is adhered to a patient's chest. Prof Lian Yong from the NUS Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and team developed this technology. He is also a Co-founder of Clearbridge VitalSigns, along with Mr Johnson Chen.

Mr Chen, also the Managing Partner of Clearbridge Accelerator, said: "Currently, ECG devices on the market are expensive, bulky and have numerous connecting wires. We aim to revolutionise the ECG market, by developing our Digital ECG Plaster into a highly-sensitive and accurate, fully-integrated, medical grade ECG waveform recorder. This will allow patients to enjoy a greater level of mobility, higher quality of care and reduced healthcare costs,"

The research on the ECG chip was funded by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) through the Thematic Strategic Research Programme. Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd, the marketing and commercialisation arm of A*STAR, worked closely with the NUS research team and the NUS Industry Liaison Office to recommend the appropriate intellectual property (IP) protection strategy for the breakthrough technology and subsequently, licensed the IP to Clearbridge VitalSigns.

Clearbridge VitalSigns is incubated by Clearbridge Accelerator, one of the high-technology incubators backed by the National Research Foundation's Technology Incubation Scheme.

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