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Only academic from Singapore ranked among world's top 100 chemists

25 February 2011


NUS Prof Zeng Hua Chun from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has been named among the world's top 100 chemists (2000 to 2010), according to a listing released recently by Thomson Reuters.

The top 100 listing celebrated the achievements of chemists who had achieved the highest citation impact scores for chemistry papers (articles and reviews) published since January 2000. The ranking was published in support of the International Year of Chemistry. Having written 53 papers, cited by others 3,673 times and garnering an impact score of 69.30, Prof Zeng was placed 49th in position - the only scientist from Singapore to be in the ranking.

"I am very happy to see NUS on the list," said Prof Zeng who considers persistence and hard work important to his research.

According to Mr David Pendlebury, Citation Analyst, Research Services at Thomson Reuters, nanotechnology is strongly evident when surveying the research interests of the top 100 chemists. Indeed, nanotechnology is one of Prof Zeng's research focus areas, especially in synthetic architecture of nanomaterials and self-assembly for complex nanostructures.

Said Prof Zeng: "In recent years, synthesis of zero to three-dimensional materials has become a focal area in nanostructured materials research, owing to their many low dimensional characteristics that are different from the bulk properties. Our research is focused on development of novel synthesis methods for complex and composite nanobuilding blocks, and their related self-assemblies."

Applications of these nanomaterials are wide ranging, said Prof Zeng, ranging from chemical sensing, photocatalysis, energy storage, solar cells, medical diagnosis and many other advanced technologies.

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