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NUS launches new overseas college in Israel

25 February 2011

IN JERUSALEM: NUS students on an overseas exposure programme to Israel in Dec 2010

Students interested in the NUS Overseas College (NOC) programme now have one more country option to choose from. Extending its innovative programme to promote entrepreneurship, NUS will set up a 7th overseas college in yet another global entrepreneurial hub, Israel, in addition to the current six NOC programmes it has in Beijing, Shanghai, India, Stockholm, Bio Valley and Silicon Valley.

Similar to its predecessors, NOC Israel will pick 10 NUS undergraduates and graduates to be part of its programme each year. The selected students will get to spend six months interning at a start-up, Venture Capital or Small Medium Enterprise in Israel while taking entrepreneurship-related courses offered by experts in the region.

In a Straits Times' article by Senior Writer Sandra Davie on this news, Director of NOC Assoc Prof Teo Chee Leong was reported to have said that Israel was picked as the latest NOC site because it "has the highest density of tech start-ups in the world. More importantly, these start-ups attract more venture capital dollars per person than any country - 2 1/2 times that in the US."

Assoc Prof Teo further noted that Israel has more companies listed on the Nasdaq than any country outside the US, and that Israeli-designed technology lies behind major tech leaders such as Intel, Microsoft, Google, Cisco and Motorola, according to the same newspaper report.

The inaugural NOC Israel stint in Tel Aviv/Haifa will commence in July with a series of workshops to prepare participants for the opportunities and challenges of living and working in Israel. Applications are now open to undergraduate and graduate students at NUS. To find out more, please click here.

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