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NUS hosts inaugural Biofuel 2012

15 February 2012

Prof Matsudaira delivering his welcome remarks

NUS launched the inaugural Biofuel 2012 on 15 February, attracting some 350 research scientists, aviation professionals and students.

Organised by the Department of Biological Sciences (DBS) and the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, the two-day event comprises the Alternative Aviation Fuel in Asia Conference and the ASEAN Algae Biofuels Initiative Conference. Gracing the opening ceremony was Guest-of-Honour Brigadier General Mark Wise, Vice Chief of Naval Research from the Office of Naval Research, USA.

While the Alternative Aviation Fuel in Asia Conference aims to introduce the development and potential use of alternative fuels in commercial aviation to the Asian community, the ASEAN Algae Biofuels Initiative Conference brings together professionals interested in the development of algae-based bioenergy from the region.

Keynote speaker Ms Julie Oettinger, Assistant Administrator for Policy, International Affairs and Environment of the Federal Aviation Administration talked about approaches by the aviation sector to develop sustainable alternative fuels that will reduce dependence on petroleum.

Said Prof Paul Matsudaira, Head of DBS and Chairperson of Biofuel 2012: "The two dynamic and instructive conferences will cover a wide range of topics to discuss how algae can be used as a source for biofuel and the development of processes to mass produce biofuel that meet the standards and needs of the ASEAN region."

He added that the event is a "significant platform for the fostering of interactions among scientists and engineers and those engaged with funding, regulatory and commercial endeavours."