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NUS starts Arts/Science residency programme

30 March 2012

Ms Ruhland with Assoc Prof Wyse

How artist Ms Ruhland hopes to engage CQT and NUS researchers and students, Singapore artists and the public during her one-month art-science residency at CQT

The Interactive and Digital Media Institute (IDMI) at NUS launched on 29 March a new Arts/Science Residency Programme which aims to engage students in Singapore, the local arts community and the public with the arts. Five artists from across the world will be at the NUS campus to promote the arts.

"Engaging with the arts is a vital component of education for students of this generation, who need to constantly draw on creativity and innovation to survive in today's world," said Assoc Prof Lonce Wyse, Director of the Arts and Creativity Laboratory at IDMI and Head of the Residency Programme.

Each artist will reside at NUS for a month, while embarking on a project that fuses interdisciplinary aspects of arts and science. There will be workshops, seminars, performances and installations as well as public conversations. The artists' work will also be showcased at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands.

The artists for the four projects - Ms Grit Ruhland, Ms Cathrine Kramer together with Mr Zackery Denfeld, Mr Shintaro Miyazaki and Mr Marc Böhlen - will offer art exhibits or performances with scientific themes, specifically quantum technology, biology, acoustic ecology and water, respectively.

They were selected by a seven-member jury headed by Assoc Prof Wyse. The judges comprise researchers, media artists and curators from the NUS Museum and the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, as well as internationally recognised media artists. Their selections were based on artistic merit and synergies with the host NUS research institutes.

Three NUS research institutes - Centre for Quantum Technologies, Asian Biopoleis at the Asia Research Institute, Singapore-Delft Water Alliance - and the NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music will provide support and a space for the artists to develop their works.

The Residency Programme is supported by a grant from the Singapore National Arts Council with additional support from the NUS University Scholars Programme, Tembusu College and participating NUS research institutes.

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