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Spearheading research and innovation on GCEL's digital trade platform

28 June 2011

(From left) Captain Salloum with Prof Tan at the MOU signing ceremony held in Singapore
Moving Singapore forward as a global logistics hub, The Logistics Institute - Asia Pacific (TLI - Asia Pacific), NUS, has partnered with Swiss-based Global Coalition for Efficient Logistics (GCEL) to launch GCEL's prestigious Global Academic Subcommittee. The MOU, which was inked on 27 June 2011, will lead to enhancements to a powerful new digital platform that will energise global trade and greatly increase trade efficiency.

Prof Tan Eng Chye, NUS Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and Provost, said that NUS was privileged to be selected as GCEL's first academic partner for logistics education and research.

"Through the TLI - Asia Pacific, the Global Coalition can draw on the vast technical and academic capabilities spanning across the Faculties of Engineering, Science, Computing and Business at NUS. This multidisciplinary approach will enable the Global Coalition to tackle complex and pressing logistics issues in a rigorous and comprehensive manner," noted Prof Tan.

On the Academic Subcommittee's importance, GCEL Co-Chairman Captain Samuel Salloum said: "This network of premier institutions has an extraordinary opportunity to connect the dots, building powerful synergies among the world's leading logistics institutes and leading the drive towards sustainable global prosperity."

The Committee has three critical missions:
  • In the near term, assess the impact of the soft infrastructure on shipment efficiency;
  • In the medium term, develop research and training programmes to help countries around the world take full advantage of the new digital trade platform, including funded programmes in more than 100 countries; and
  • In the long term, lead research and development programmes on best-in-class innovations connected with logistics, e-commerce and all associated technologies.

As the founding member of the Global Academic Subcommittee, TLI - Asia Pacific will work closely with peer institutions to develop the Committee's ambitious global programme.

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