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NUS spin-off company to develop technology with wound management and cosmetics applications

29 July 2010

INNOVATORS: Managing Partner of Clearbridge Accelerator Mr Johnson Chen (left) and the NUS Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Prof Lim Chwee Teck. They are both Founders of Clearbridge Nanomedics
NUS' latest spin-off company, Clearbridge Nanomedics, will develop a low-cost nanofibre mesh with applications in the cosmetic and wound management industries. Clearbridge Nanomedics is supported by NUS Enterprise and incubated by the Clearbridge Accelerator, one of the incubators backed by the National Research Foundation's Technology Incubation Scheme.

NUS Enterprise Chief Executive Officer Dr Lily Chan said: "Translating University assets and resources into a commercialisable product or service, with real benefits is not an easy task, and we are pleased to be granting Clearbridge Nanomedics an exclusive worldwide license for the underlying technology. I commend Clearbridge Accelerator for its vision in setting up Clearbridge Nanomedics. This is the second spin-off company that we are launching with Clearbridge Accelerator, the first being Clearbridge Biomedics, which is developing an oncology diagnostics platform."

First developed by Prof Lim Chwee Teck of the Division of Bioengineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering at NUS and his team, Clearbridge Nanomedics' technology is based on a nanofibre mesh. Comprising a bio-resorbable and bio-compatible polymer, the nanofibre possesses good mechanical, physical and chemical properties which make it suitable for a wide range of applications. For a start, the first product that the company plans to develop is a high-surface contact area, ultra-pliable, time-release, leave-on facial mask.

"Setting up this new company, Clearbridge Nanomedics, is exciting as we are focusing on a novel technology that can potentially become a new delivery platform for wound management and even cosmetics," said Founder of Clearbridge Nanomedics Prof Lim Chwee Teck.

On the potential of the nano-fibre mesh, Managing Partner of Clearbridge Accelerator and Co-Founder of Clearbridge Nanomedics Mr Jonhson Chen said: "We shall initially be focusing on the cosmetic applications, as the product is closer to the market. It also has a larger market potential, with the skincare market estimated to reach US$58.5 billion by 2012."

"At the same time, we will continue product development for wound management. However, since this will require clinical trials and necessary regulatory approval, we expect it to have a longer time to market," he added.

Established in 2001, NUS Enterprise is a University-level cluster to offer an enterprise dimension to NUS teaching and research involving the University's students, staff and alumni. NUS Enterprise promotes the spirit of innovation and enterprise through experiential education, industry engagement and partnerships and entrepreneurship support.

Clearbridge Accelerator is the Singapore incubation arm of Clearbridge Partners, a Hong Kong-based venture capital firm. The company aims to translate core technologies from the laboratory into commercial products that will result in sustainable and lasting enterprises.