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Tribute to NUS Chancellor at Commencement Dinner

18 July 2011

Prof Tan addressing the dinner guests

President Nathan receiving resounding applause from the new graduates, faculty, staff and alumni at Commencement Dinner

The NUS personality is characterised by constant exploration and innovation, fierce determination to excel and unstinting dedication of its best efforts. NUS President Prof Tan Chorh Chuan was speaking at the annual Commencement Dinner on 15 July 2011 which marked the end of this year’s commencement ceremonies.

Epitomising this NUS personality is Singapore President Mr S R Nathan. Paying tribute to President Nathan who will complete his term as NUS Chancellor this August, Prof Tan said: “President Nathan is a great man. He has accomplished such a great deal in so many areas. But for the NUS community, it is his genuine interest and deep engagement with our University that we are most grateful for and cherish the most.”

Expressing his hope that this year’s graduates would be inspired by President Nathan’s example to contribute, to do good and to serve society well, Prof Tan added: “On behalf of the entire NUS community, I would like to express our deepest appreciation to President. On so many occasions, we have been touched and moved by your passion, deep interest and concern for the NUS community and what we are striving for. We will certainly miss your strong support and presence as Chancellor.”

This was President Nathan’s last commencement dinner in his capacity as NUS Chancellor, a role he has assumed since 1999. Over the years, President Nathan gave strong support to many NUS programmes and student activities, going far beyond his official duties. This included the 2005 Annual Giving drive where President Nathan wrote a personal note to fellow alumni, which resulted in gifts of about $1 million to assist needy students.