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NUS designs showcased at New York’s Museum of Modern Art

26 July 2011

Rocking one in a pair of Roly Polys will cause a corresponding reaction in its partner

Upon touching a word or phrase, the “Touch Hear” device whispers related information to the reader

Two innovative designs from the NUS Design and Incubation Centre (DIC), a design research laboratory, are currently being showcased at the highly acclaimed Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. The designs, “Touch Hear” and “Roly Poly”, are on display as part of the ‘Talk to Me’ exhibition which focuses on communication between people and objects. This is the first time that Singapore designs have been selected to be showcased at MoMA’s formal exhibition.

With the “Touch Hear” device, simply by touching a word or phrase, one can listen to related information such as its pronunciation or meaning. The gadget “whispers” the information into the ear, thus enabling one to read on without having to stop and check up the dictionary.

The other novel invention, “Roly Poly”, allows two individuals to “sense” each other’s presence even though they may be physically apart. The mirrored movements in a pair of Roly Polys work in this way - a soft tap to rock one will simultaneously rock its partner to the same degree, creating a corresponding reaction in the other instantly. “Roly Poly” was also selected to be featured at the SIGGRAPH Art gallery in Vancouver Canada from 7-11 August 2011.

The “Talk to Me” exhibition runs till 7 November 2011 and features a wide range of objects from all over the world ranging from interfaces and products to diagrams and visualisations by professional designers, students and scientists.