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Math teachers lead student team to achieve Singapore’s best ever showing at IMO

03 August 2011

Among the Singapore delegation were Assoc Prof Wong (far right), Mr Derrick Wong (4th from right), Assoc Prof Tay (far left) and Lim Jeck (3rd from left)
The Singapore team did exceedingly well at the 52nd International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 16 to 24 July 2011. Their performance is the best that Singapore has ever achieved since its participation in the IMO in 1988.

The Singapore delegation to the IMO was led by Assoc Prof Wong Yan Loi from the NUS Department of Mathematics and Mr Derrick Wong Wei Kit who teaches at Victoria Junior College. One of the chief trainers, Assoc Prof Tay Tiong Seng from NUS Mathematics Department, was also part of the delegation.

On the team’s excellent results, Assoc Prof Wong reported that they clinched a total of six medals - four Gold, one Silver and one Bronze. “Singapore was ranked 3rd among 101 participating countries, after China and the USA. In addition, three of our contestants were ranked 2nd, 4th and 6th in a field of 564 participants. This is a fantastic achievement and we are very happy and satisfied with the results,” said Assoc Prof Wong.

Singapore’s overall ranking this year far outshone its 22nd placing in 2010. Within the Singapore team, the student who achieved the best individual results was Lim Jeck from NUS High School of Mathematics and Science. He won a Gold medal and was placed 2nd among 564 participants. The other NUS High School student who participated in the competition was Silver medallist Ang Yan Sheng.

Singapore’s participation in the IMO is jointly coordinated by the Ministry of Education, NUS and the Singapore Mathematical Society.

The IMO brings together the best and brightest students from around the world, challenging and stimulating their minds in the spirit of competition. Through a rigorous and demanding set of six questions, students demonstrate their mastery of mathematical concepts, as well as creativity in problem solving.