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Usable beach exhibits by architecture students

26 September 2012

The changing room made of plywood exudes a "natural" beach feel

The shower room model features interesting design elements

Photos: Department of Architecture
A dozen interesting structures appeared on the beach of Singapore's East Coast Park on 20 September. These utilitarian constructs by NUS undergraduates doubled up as changing rooms, shower rooms, bicycle stops, dining spaces, sunbathing areas and exhibition booths, which were accessible to the public.

The exhibits erected from plywood by 162 Year 2 students were the first such outdoor "field" work under the architecture design studio at the NUS Department of Architecture. Led by Senior Lecturer Mr Tsuto Sakamoto, Year Leader, the unique project forming part of the course curriculum involved 12 tutors in charge of their respective studios.

The purpose of the project was to allow the general public to look, use and enjoy these structures in the beach setting. Besides sporting designs that could be appreciated, safety was a key issue.

Thus, the practical usability of the models was considered and the students did a splendid job of incorporating this with a "natural" beach feel. For instance, using plywood for the changing room instead of concrete provided a more authentic sand, sea and sun experience.

The three-day exhibition attracted curious spectators who responded well to the various displays. The department is planning to conduct more of such outdoor studio sessions that will engage the public.