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NUS students ace Deloitte risk intelligence challenge

14 March 2013

Winning team of the Deloitte Risk Intelligence Challenge: (from left) Rajul, Shun Yuan, Kian Sin and Yi Nah, together with Mr Philip Yuen, CEO of Deloitte Singapore

Photo: Deloitte Singapore

NUS students have emerged champions in the inaugural Deloitte Risk Intelligence Challenge Trophy after beating 40 teams.

Rajul Gupta (Year 4, School of Computing), Yeo Yi Nah (Year 3, School of Computing), Koh Shun Yuan (Year 3, School of Computing and Business School) and Koh Kian Sin (Year 3, Business School) of Team Techcellence won the trophy and a cash prize of $$2,000 in the finals held on 9 March.

The inter-university competition sponsored by Deloitte Singapore seeks to raise risk awareness among undergraduates who are joining the workforce. With the theme of "Risk in the reset world", the 10-week contest attracted 144 students in Singapore who worked in 41 teams.

The preliminary round of essay writing saw the number whittled down to eight teams. The semi-finals required the shortlisted participants to present their cases on the risk considerations for angel investors looking to diversify their portfolio in the life sciences, hospitality and manufacturing sectors. The final round pitched the top two teams against each other, where they debated the merits and risks of employing a quota system versus a meritocratic approach to improve the gender balance in corporate boardrooms.

Teams were assessed based on their reasoning ability and presentation skills, as well on their levels of relevance, creativity and coherence. The panel of judges comprised academics from the business and finance schools and key executives from Deloitte Singapore.

A jubilant Shun Yuan attributed the team's success to their diversity and background. "Our fields span E-Commerce, Information Systems, Operations and Finance. Our gender and cultural disparities also gave us many perspectives and ideas to work with." On a personal level, the double-degree student believed that the analytical and process-oriented skills he has gained from studying Computing complemented well with the management and strategy-oriented skills from Business.

Team mate Kian Sin said the journey to their win had been a great learning experience for the whole team. He noted: "The world is changing and we must embrace the fact that risks are abound. This competition has raised our awareness of risk and how we can approach it."

Mr Janson Yap, Regional Managing Partner of Deloitte's Enterprise Risk Services was heartened that many undergraduates from across disciplines showed real enthusiasm in risk issues surrounding them. The contest has helped to provide a platform for them to constructively discuss their opinions of risks in the current corporate world, he said.

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