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Student designs play with the imagination

15 March 2013

Pop up, a life-sized pop-up book, allows for imaginative play

Children wearing zig zig can create their own scenes with the soft attachable modules

A huge pop-up children's book, a drum set that floats on water, a transformable tee-shirt and glow-in-the-dark toy vehicles made passers-by at Singapore's Orchard Road do a second take recently. The unusual pieces by students from the Division of Industrial Design (DID) at the NUS School of Design and Environment were some of the intriguing displays at the Design*SCAPE exhibition held at The Warehouse @ SCAPE from 8 to 12 March.

Revolving around the theme "Play", third and fourth year DID undergraduates worked over a period of 11 weeks to come up with innovative projects that generate positive emotions and experiences by appealing to the senses and unleashing the imagination. The students gained from the direction of Mr Clement Zheng, Teaching Assistant at DID, and Studio Juju helmed by Mr Timo Wong and Ms Priscilla Lui, both part-time teachers at NUS.

"Pop Up", created by students Mervy Quek and Chen Zhuo, is a life-sized pop-up book. Children flip the book which transforms itself into a colourful landscape of geometric shapes and interesting forms.

The floatable "Water Drums" built by Amy Chua and Syed Atif Husain allow children to play without restraints on the set in their bathtubs or swimming pools. They produce unique sounds by cleverly making use of the different amounts of air in each drum.

Valerie Tan and Yu Yue tailor-made "Zig Zig", a children's tee-shirt that magically transforms into various landscapes by attaching different modules. This can be a reproduction of cities, parks, human organs or other themes that the creator fancies.

As for students Alfred Lim and Lim Kim, they conceptualised "Luma", a series of toy vehicles which shine and leave glowing trails in the dark. This lets children's imagination run free for night playtime.

The exhibition formed part of SingaPlural 2013 which showcased the best design elements from various fields such as architecture, urban planning and interior design. SingaPlural was held in conjunction with International Furniture Fair Singapore 2013 ASEAN Furniture Show, The Décor Show 2013 and The Hospitality Show 2013.