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Singapore researcher wins genomics investigator award

23 April 2013

Dr Tan (left) receiving the coveted 2013 Chen New Investigator Award from Dr Edison Liu, President of the Human Genome Organisation

An NUS researcher has received the prestigious 2013 Chen New Investigator Award from the international Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) at its annual meeting held from 13 to 18 April. The award is presented to scientists who contributed significantly to their fields of human genetics and genomics research in Asia Pacific during their early career years.

Dr Patrick Tan, a Professor from the Cancer and Stem Cell Biology Program at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore and a Senior Principal Investigator at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore at NUS, secured the accolade for his outstanding education background and excellent publication record, said the Award Review Committee comprising an international panel of eminent scientists.

They acknowledged his impactful work on genomic profiles of Asian cancers, as well as his extensive research portfolio in cancer genomics, especially for gastric cancer. The committee also noted the impressive momentum of his work that is moving in an "upward trajectory".

Dr Tan, who is also a Principal Investigator with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research's Genome Institute of Singapore, focuses on developing genomic approaches to better understand the molecular and clinical differentiation of gastric cancer. He currently heads POLARIS (Personalized OMIC Lattice for Advanced Research and Improving Stratification), a consortium of research institutes and public healthcare centres in Singapore, which also conducts education, outreach and engagement efforts.

Dr Tan credited his team and collaborators for their support in getting the award. He said they will step up their efforts to translate discoveries into applications that significantly improve health outcomes for patients in Singapore and the region.