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NUS among world's top 10 entrepreneurial universities

15 April 2013

Students interacting with their mentor at N-House, an entrepreneurial-themed block within NUS. The University has been placed among the top 10 entrepreneurial and innovative universities globally in a survey conducted by MIT and Skolkovo

In a first-ever comprehensive survey to determine the most entrepreneurial and innovative universities globally, NUS has emerged one of only two of the top 10 universities worldwide outside the US and Europe.

Conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US and Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, a Russian innovation centre, the study interviewed experts in 20 countries to find out three areas of interest: the most highly regarded university-based ecosystems across the world; the most highly regarded university-based ecosystems operating in more challenging environments; and appropriate performance metrics for university-based ecosystems.

NUS was among the 8 most quoted for the question "which universities would you identify as having created/supported the world's most successful technology innovation ecosystems", with Singapore placed as the top 5 country most referred to.

The international experts interviewed identified 120 universities across 25 countries with decisive influence and contributions to the world in entrepreneurship and innovation. The respondents came from two groups: highly cited professionals with field expertise across different regions of the world, comprising 25 per cent of the invited interviewees; and individuals with direct experience within a technology innovation ecosystem at a well-regarded university, half of whom were based within the university technology transfer office or equivalent, and the other half were engaged in key relevant roles.

NUS Enterprise, a University-level cluster, was set up to provide an enterprise dimension to NUS teaching and research involving the University's students, staff and alumni. It seeks to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit, partnering for success and nurturing future entrepreneurial leaders through Experiential Education, Industry Engagement and Partnerships, and Entrepreneurship Support.