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NUS emerges top in world water research

14 May 2013

NUS is first in Lux Research's rankings of water research institutes in the world, while Prof Chung has been named a top academic in global water research

NUS has come up first in the world's ranking of water research institutes in a survey by Lux Research, a company which provides strategic advice and intelligence for emerging technologies. The University's focus on desalination, reuse and membranes, also sees it topping these areas of specialisation globally.

The survey examined more than 400 top universities and institutes in the water research space, examining the impact of their key papers. Lux Research also profiled and interviewed leading experts around the globe to determine best practices for partnering with academic research over the next 15 years. They found that Singapore's highly focused research and strong government funding contributed to the country's position as a world leader.

"As water efficiency becomes a priority for countries around the world, well-funded universities and institutes are proliferating, doing research that could transform the water industry," said Brent Giles, Lux Research Senior Analyst and the lead author of the report Top Academics and Institutions in Water Research 2013.

As another feather in the cap, Professor Neal Chung Tai-Shung from the NUS Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has been named by the report as one of the leading water researchers in the world. His work on improving the performance of polymeric membranes for use in energy, water and medical applications, is complemented by his rich industry experience. His team has successfully developed some of the world's best-performing membranes for forward osmosis and membrane distillation.