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NUS wins international award for its safety programmes
- Lo Tien Yin

CAMPUS LEADER WHO CARES: Senior Deputy President Prof Tan Chorh Chuan.
RECOGNITION for the University's strive for excellence in designing and implementing their own safety and health programmes, comes in the form of a prestigious award by the Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA), based in USA. NUS has won the Complete Environmental Health and Safety Programme - Merit Award for its safety and health programmes. This is the second highest award level, the top being Award of Honour.

The Award recognises institutions which excel in implementation of their own safety programmes and to incorporate novel and/or original efforts while complying with standardised regulations. The award provides a benchmarking of the comprehensiveness of NUS safety and health management systems against other US Universities.

Senior Deputy President Prof Tan Chorh Chuan has also been awarded the Campus Leader Who Cares Award which recognises the outstanding involvement and support of senior administrators for their understanding on how imperative environmental stewardship, health and safety issues are to their institutions.

CSHEMA is an institutional based independent organisation of nearly 1,000 Environmental, Health and Safety professionals working on campuses throughout the US and internationally. The Campus Safety Association was founded in 1954 to address the unique safety challenges that are found on a college or university campus setting. In 1995, Campus Safety Association changed its name to CSHEMA. As the professional organisation for campus safety specialists, CSHEMA promotes the image and importance of the field itself, defines responsibilities, provides opportunities to learn as well as to mentor, develops skills, and sets up ideal situations for networking. CSHEMA members always have access to the most up-to-the-minute statistics, techniques, regulations, literature, and advice

"We are honoured to receive the Merit Award from CSHEMA. We have come a long way, from having only a skeletal system of safety management before 2002 to a fairly comprehensive health and safety programme in 2008. Credit goes to my staff, the faculty safety and health officers, institutional, faculty and departmental safety committees who have worked very hard to implement the various safety & health programmes and to senior management for their support."

Dr Peck Thian Guan, Director,
Office of Safety, Health and Environment