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14 January 2011

NUS Tuition Fees For Academic Year 2011

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The National University of Singapore (NUS) today announced the tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate courses for the Academic Year (AY) 2011 beginning in August 2011.

Since AY2008, NUS had adopted a cohort-based fee structure for its undergraduate courses, where students are advised of the annual fees for their programmes prior to enrolment. A cohort-based structure ensures that the fees will not change during the period of candidature. In line with the Government's policy, the tuition fees for the AY2011 cohort of new students will also reflect greater differentiation in fees paid by Singapore Citizens (SC), Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) and International Students (IS).

Professor Tan Eng Chye, NUS Provost and Deputy President (Academic Affairs), said, "An NUS education today is broad-based, flexible and of good quality. We have enhanced our unique curriculum to provide a richer and more holistic global and Asian student experience, to enable them to make a difference in today's globalised world. To do this, NUS must continue to attract and retain top academic talent, and further improve our teaching staff to student ratio."

"The University made the tuition fee adjustments after much deliberation and consultation with our key stakeholders. These adjustments will help to defray part of the operating costs of providing a top quality education. The fees remain very competitive with premier international programmes. A large portion of the University's operating and capital costs will continue to be subsidised by the Ministry of Education," Prof Tan added.

Tuition Fees for Singapore Citizens

The University will make upward revisions to the annual tuition fees for the incoming AY2011 cohort. Annual tuition fees for most undergraduate courses will increase by 4%; this represents an annualised increase of 1.6% over 4 years. Fees for Architecture, Business, Law, Music, Nursing and Pharmacy will increase by 6%; or an annualised increase of 2.3% over 4 years. The new fees will apply to the AY2011 cohort throughout their course duration.

Fees for the incoming AY2011 intake of students for graduate courses (coursework and research) will be adjusted upwards by 6%, with the exception of Nursing. The tuition fee for Nursing graduate research courses remains unchanged. In subsequent years, the fees for the AY2011 intake will be increased by 3% annually for the remaining course duration. Existing graduate students from the AY2010 and earlier intakes will also be subject to an annual 3% increase for the remaining course duration.

The new SC undergraduate and graduate tuition fees are summarised in Annex 1 and Annex 3 respectively.

Tuition Fees for Singapore Permanent Residents and International Students

To achieve a sharper differentiation by citizenship, SPR and IS admitted to NUS in AY2011 will pay between $480 and $2,180 more than the existing fee rates for SPR, and between $970 and $3,720 more than existing annual rates for IS.

The new SPR and IS undergraduate and graduate tuition fees are summarised in Annex 2 and Annex 4 respectively.

Financial Assistance for Eligible Needy Students

NUS remains committed to a needs-blind admission policy and ensures that no deserving student is denied the opportunity of an NUS education because of financial difficulties. The University provides a comprehensive range of financial assistance schemes - such as Tuition Fee Loan, NUS Study Loan, NUS/MOE Bursary, Work-Study Assistance, as well as NUS Student Assistance Loan - so that every student who qualifies for admission to NUS has the financial resources to complete his or her studies. The University will continue in its efforts to raise funds for financial aid to help needy students. The various financial aid packages are briefly summarised in Annex 5.

Attachments: Annex 1 to 5.