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22 Aug 2013

ArtScience Museum, NUS & Future Cities Laboratory announce 2013 Art/Science Residency Programme

Museum to sponsor and host two international artists who will reside at NUS Tembusu College

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ArtScience Museum™ at Marina Bay Sands, together with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Singapore-ETH Centre’s Future Cities Laboratory, announced a new partnership to host the 2013 Art/Science Residency Programme.

Initiated in 2011 by the Arts & Creativity Laboratory at the Interactive & Digital Media Institute (IDMI) at NUS to spur greater interest in the arts and interdisciplinary exchange, the Programme hosts international artists who reside at NUS and embark on projects that fuse interdisciplinary aspects of arts and science.

Two artists have been selected for the four-month 2013 Art/Science Residency Programme, concluding a search that brought applications from close to 20 countries. Mr. Michael Doherty of the United States and Ms. Catherine Young from the Philippines officially began their residency on 12 August, 2013, and the programme will conclude on 12 December, 2013. [Please refer to the Annex for more information on the artists.]

The themes for the two residencies are Climate Change and Environmental Futures and Contemporary Asian and Future Cities. These themes were chosen as they are active areas of contemporary artistic work and are of particular interest to governments on several levels. The themes also coincide with the two Senior Seminars at the core of the NUS Tembusu College 2013/14 academic curriculum, the research focus at the Future Cities Laboratory, and the areas of exploration and discovery regularly highlighted at the ArtScience Museum. 

ArtScience Museum will host the artists’ works on 10 November as part of the museum’s Sunday Showcase series and serve as the venue for presentations from the artists on 16 November through the museum’s Conversations series. These showcases, which form part of the ArtScience Revealed programme, are in keeping with and an extension of ArtScience Museum’s mission to shine a spotlight on the most innovative works being created in the fields of art and science.

“It’s an honour to join such committed partners to make the 2013 Arts/Science Residency Programme a reality and welcome these two outstanding artists to Singapore,” said Associate Director of ArtScience Museum Ross Leo. “ArtScience Museum is committed to promoting the creative processes at the heart of both art and science – and providing a stage to artists whose work embodies that spirit. We’re excited about this collaboration and the impact this one-of-a-kind programme will have.”

“This Programme at the intersection of art and science, situates Singapore prominently on the map of innovation in the arts. The combination of commercial and university support also speaks volumes about the real-world impact art is having on our lives and in society," said Associate Professor Lonce Wyse, who founded the Programme and is also the Director of the Arts & Creativity Laboratory at IDMI.  

The Future Cities Laboratory will provide the facilities for Mr. Doherty and Ms. Young to craft their artwork in a transdisciplinary research centre and in an environment where research scientists and artists can interact with each other. The artists will be invited and encouraged to exploit research technologies, expertise, methods, and equipment of the labs they are attached to in order to develop and present their artworks.  

“We are very interested to host the artists in our laboratory during their residency,” said Professor Kees Christiaanse, Programme Leader of the Future Cities Laboratory. “This collaboration is important because art and cultural production have become vital components of the urban economy and require diverse urban neighbourhoods to interact with society and contribute to its cultural development. Hence, there is a direct relation between cultural production and urban policy.” 

During the tenure of their residency, Mr. Doherty and Ms. Young will reside at Tembusu College, one of Singapore’s first Residential Colleges located at NUS University Town, where the Future Cities Laboratory is also located. The duration of the residencies will give artists time to develop relationships with students, faculty and researchers.

“Tembusu College is so pleased to be co-sponsoring this initiative with ArtScience Museum and Future Cities Laboratory. We are committed to weaving the arts into our formal and informal academic programmes, and it’s a milestone for us to have two visiting artists in residence here at the same time,” said Professor Gregory Clancey, Master of Tembusu College. Apart from the Senior Seminars, the two artists will also be engaging with students on their Third Year Experience at the College.